Project Description

Client: Sierra College
Location: Rocklin, California
Size of Project: 82,938 square feet
Completion: Spring 2025
Project Cost: $59.0 million

As part of Cypress program management services for the Sierra College $675 million Facilities Improvement program, Cypress is providing construction management services for the Gymnasium Renovation and Expansion project. The Project includes the complete renovation and expansion of the existing 60-year-old gymnasium facility at the Rocklin Campus. This Project will modernize and renovate the existing gym buildings, improving the structure, fire life safety systems, efficiency, and accessibility of the complex. The renovation portion of the project is 40,786 square feet and the new gymnasium addition will be 42,152 square feet. Funding for the Project is from a combination of State funding and local District funding. The project budget is $59.0 million.

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