Project Description

Client: Sierra College
Location: Rocklin, California
Size of Project: Over 9 miles of Underground Utilities
Completed: August 2022
Project Cost: $25.6 million (6.3 million under budget)

As part of Cypress program management services for the Sierra College $675 million Facilities Improvement program, Cypress provided construction management services for the Infrastructure Replacement project. The project consisted of complete replacement of the majority of the underground utility systems throughout the college campus while the campus was occupied. The project consisted of installation of a 12kV electrical loop around the campus, along with replacement of domestic water, fire water, gas, storm drain, sewer, irrigation and communications systems throughout the campus. There were over 9 miles of conduit and pipe installed in this project as well as a new utility building that housed Internet and Fire Alarm equipment. The project budget was $31.9 million dollars with a final project cost of $25.6 million.

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